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IP Background

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Those abovementioned are about the prevailing Acts and Laws by which we were / are able to take action against the infrigement on Intellectual Property in our country. Other Laws which are said to be related with I.P, such as The Science and Technology Development Law of 1994 ; The Television and Video Law of 1996 and The Computer Science Development Law of 1996 also are in an introductory stage. Since have we found no relevant case law or citation yet, we hope you to be appreciate that we left these Laws un-discussed in this paper.

As our country joined WTO in 1994, became a member ASEAN in 1997 and also became a member of WIPO in 2001, it becomes responsible to observe and be in harmony with the provisions of relevant treaties of such organizations, particularly TRIPS Agreement and the ASEAN Framework Agreement on I.P. As per the Article 66 of TRIPS Agreement, Myanmar has obtained time sharing of preparation to apply the provisions of this Agreement till January 1st 2006. For this purpose the Attorney General Office has re-drafted I.P Laws in-need to be harmonized with the TRIPS Agreement under the guidance of the government and by the help of the Ministry of Science and Technology.




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